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Recently i have read a story named Timmerman Was Here. I will be comparing the story Timmerman Was Here

The story Timmerman Was Here is about a girl’s grandfather leaves to go live in a “senior citizens”. One week after her grandfather left, a man named Timmerman came to live with them. Timmerman seamed mysterious because he would go out at night, but it turns out he was just planting flowers.

The story “Father’s Day” is about a child whose father died when he was six years old. Then his mother met a man named “Michael”. The child told Michael that he wanted him to be his father. Michael would throw a baseball with the child and go to all of his soccer games. Michael would do everything a father would do.

Timmerman Was Here and Father’s Day both have the theme of loss because in both stories there is a loss of a family member. Continue reading


The last post I wrote was about the Student Blogging Challenge. The first challenge was to leave comments on international blogs. So in this post I will be talking about commenting, what makes a good comment and what kind of comments I like. For example, there is someone that posted a comment on my blog that I liked. Continue reading


Sports! I love sports especially basketball. I play in a basketball team with my best friend Maddy. I love basketball because we run a lot and because it’s so fun. Our team’s name is Les Sentinelles De Roussillon. Our team is aged 8-12 (4th grade to 6th grade)

International Blogging Challenge!

Hello, this year I am participating in the international Student Blogging Challenge. People from all over the world are going to be participating in this challenge too. If you don’t know what this challenge is, it is that bloggers will be posting comments on other blogs. There will be different types of challenges to do on your blog too not only to post comments. This challenge will be going on for about 10 weeks and it will start March 5th.


Geronimo Stilton

I am not a fan of reading but I don’t hate reading. Novels are my favorite types of books. My favorite type of novel are the Geronimo Stilton books. I recently finished reading a Geronimo Stilton book. The genre of my books are mostly adventure books but I also like Weird But True books.

I like books because it calms me down and relaxes me. I usually read when I go to bed and after lunch at school. Sometimes I even read with my mom when I am board. My mom loves reading she reads all the time. My dad never reads but it’s because when he reads the words get mixed up.

What is your favorite book? Continue reading

The best mountains ever!

Yes, Rainbow Mountains exist. I’m pretty sure we all have a hard time believing this because it seems so unrealistic. But, believe it or not, these colourful mountains actually do exist!

How is it possible that natural layers of colour have formed on these mountains? It is due to layers of different coloured sandstone and minerals that have been pressed together over 24 million years. It’s amazing! But don’t worry, it gets better. We can actually walk on these mountains because it is a well known tourist attraction, I would love to visit this place when I am older. I would love to visit this place because not only is it a great, but it is Continue reading

My birthday!

Hi, today I will talk about about my birthday. My birthday recently passed it was at the beginning of February. To celebrate my birthday I went to a restaurant in Montreal with my mom and my step-dad. We went to a Chinese food place that me and my mom love we used to go there all the time when I was little. To celebrate my birthday with my dad and step-mom we went skating me and my dad love skating we go three times a year or sometimes more. With the rest of my family we stayed at home and opened presents.

My favorite part of my birthday was when I celebrated it with Continue reading


Did you know that I had cats? Well I do I have a lot of cats because my cat recently gave birth to five baby cats. In total I have seven cats there is five babys, one mom and one dad. There is one baby girl and four baby boys. The boys are active and have a lot of energy but the girl is always sleeping eating.

The names of the cats are Hook, Axle, Poishishe, Snowflake and Rose. Axle has a dent in his tail it looks like he broke it.

What A Stressful Disability

haileyHello! in class we’re reading a book that talks about a girl with Cerebral Palsy that can’t talk. The title of the book is Out Of My Mind. I wanted to tell you what I would feel if I wouldn’t be able to talk. I would find not being able to talk extremely hard because I talk a lot and because I would find it hard to tell someone something. When you would feel sad and you would want to talk to someone you wouldn’t be able to talk to someone. If someone would ask you something you wouldn’t be able to answer. I would find it so stressful to not be able to talk.

let’s talk about Melody. Melody is a 10 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is a disability that cause you to not be able to control your body. She once got really mad because she couldn’t tell her mom something. She was at a store and she saw dangerous blocks. She wanted to tell her mom that the blocks were dangerous but her mom didn’t understand her. then she got mad because she couldn’t tell her mom what she wanted to tell her.

Would you rather to not be able to talk or not being able walk?

Music… Music… Music!

There is a girl named Melody in a book that we are reading in class. Melody’s favorite kind of music country music. I think that melody like’s music because she cannot talk but she is happy that she has the ability to hear.

I am not a fan of music but I don’t have a specific taste in music. My mom is a fan of modern music but I am not sure what signer she likes. My step-mom likes music like the backstreet boys. My dad likes music that vanilla ice makes. My step-dad likes music with no words and I personally don’t like that music.

I find that my step-sister and my brother both have a weird taste in music. My step-sister likes rap music and she also likes Katy Perry music. My brother likes Rap music and The Red Hot Chili Peppers music. I find that their tastes are weird because they like music that is completely different. Like rap Music and Katy Perry is not the same 

What is your favorite type of music?